Raising Financially Savvy Kids

In this book, you can find out everything you need to know about inculcating positive money habits and attitudes to help children become future money masters. More than being a book on money mastery, it also encompasses life mastery based on Jopez Academy’s methodology.

Raising Financially Savvy Kids is written based on the premise that children are always observing what adults do and unconsciously imprint these money blueprints in their sub-conscious mind.

This pragmatic guide explains the fundamental building blocks of teaching kids about the concept of money and how parents can play an active role. In this book you will find a step-by-step guide to help you support your children in allocating their money across Spending, Saving, and Sharing. Included are also real-life approaches from parents, and activities and tips to put what parents have learnt into daily practice.

Drawing from decades of working with both parents and children as a money coach, the insight provided by the author, Ernest Tan, in this book will give children a head start toward financial savviness in today’s world.

Raising Financially Savvy Kids is sold at major bookstores, It is published by Candid Creation Publishing.

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