Using  various money principles that Ernest has acquired from various mentors over the last 20 years, Ernest build his wealth from nothing to  million in just 7 years. His dream is not only to grow his wealth to ten millions over the next 7 years using the various money skills & methology that he has acquired but to share it to anyone who desire to achieve financial success.

Ernest’s high-energy and engaging trainer that keep his audience spellbound.
His ability to get participants to take proactive actions and start thinking outside the box has get many to rethinking about financially destiny.

Ernest is the author of Raising Financially Kids, Wealth Trainer, Master Money Coach and developer of Money Junior Board game infuses real life activities with fun and creative that get parents and children into actions on what has been taught. By playing this boardgame, it would reflect both parents and children money habitudes.

Ernest understand that children learn best when they have lots of fun and visual activities. In Money Junior workshop, he incoporated financial fairy tales, financial nusery rhymes and symbols, together with art, craft, interactive activities. which has beneficial effect upon the development of money habitudes.

By teaching children on the subject of money and money values at a young age, Ernest believes that his workshop will give children a head-start in developing their money beliefs, habitudes so as to enable them to grow-up to be finacially savvy adults.
Money Junior Workshop — the fun and creative financial education program is a personal money skill educational workshop that help to teaches both children and parents about money by using everyday lives teachable moments and to understand some of the fundamental values of money that parents have missed out during their childhood days.
Ernest’s Teaching Methodology and tools:-

  • Board Game — a fun and interactive manner to create memorable impact on the kids and teach them the importance of good money habitudes in their life.
  •  Participation & Debriefying — after each segements of teaching, parents and kids are given time to share their learning experience so to encourage everyone in the room
  • Money Jars — reinforces the money skills learned in the workshop using physical or visual money jars and these money jars are theirs to keep and use.
  • Money Jars designing — after teaching kids the importance of saving, spending and sharing by using money wisely to achieve life goals and safe-guarding their life values and financial dreams, they have to opportunity to design their own money jars.
  • Financial Story — re-enforce the teachings the importance of saving, spending, sharing and earning through financial story money wisely to achieve life goals and safe-guarding their life values and financial dreams
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