Will Your Child be Money Master or Money Slave?

Most parents are not financially SUCCESSFUL, they keeping struggling in life without knowing the reason why! In a nutshell, most of them believe that working hard is the solution to a better future for themselves as well as for their family. Take a minute to ponder about this – – Do you have to accept this as your financial destiny? – Do you want your children to follow your financial footsteps? Most parents who struggled in life wanted their children to be away from their foot steps, trying their very hard to make the children academically and financially successful. The children might have been given the best academic education , but they miss out the area on financial education. what this mean is that how financially success the children will be in 20 years times got a lot to do with their parents, grandparents, guardians’ money habitudes, beliefs, myths, or money mindset etc.. Most children learn about money lesson at very young age, they model about how their parents or adults dealing with money in their daily lives, subconsciously they adopted these various money habitudes. It is a simple equation, if parents are struggling financially, their children are likely to grow up struggling for money too.This cycle will keep going on generation after generation, until someone with the right opportunity decided to change it!

“The best time to start investing was 20 years ago. The second best time to start investing is now”.

If you are reading this articles now, chances are that this opportunity is knocking on your door now. During this 1 day event, you will get an insights of your own supportive and unsupportive money habitudes , base on the reflection of your children’s decisions and actions taken during the workshop, plus uncovering areas in your life that have been holding you back financially. You will also learn how to have more saving at the end of the month, the knowledge to educate your children the right and positive money habitudes. Don’t Take Our Word For It. Registered Now and be THERE to experience it for yourself. Parents who have attended our workshop from all walks of life said that they could have prevented many painful and costly financial mistakes if only they had learned about all these money habitudes and values when they were young! Don’t let your children make the same mistakes as you did, registered with your children to this workshop now and discover what you have missed out and give your children the financial tools and skills they needed to lead a financially successful and debt-free life! What is in it for you in this  Money Junior Workshop:-

• a special workshop that design for the kid and the parent. • relationship with money is related to our daily lives • empowering financial teaching and modeling helps your kid(s) to become financially savvy and a more successful life • creative ways to use allowance as a learning tool, shaping money habitudes and building financially strong characters. • how to teach kids to budget, save, spend and share using visual aids. • understanding of financial priorities & responsibility. • specific action steps for kids at each developmental stage • to be aware of financial pitfalls, mistakes in a safe and secure environment

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, or other adult role model, you can learn much money lessons you missed during your childhood with your kids in this fun, interactive and creative money junior workshop. You wouldn’t want to miss it! Still deciding to sign up? Here are some questions to help you to decide, if your answer is “YES” to any of the questions below, then you should be signing up.

• Do you want your kids to make better financial decisions then you? • Do you want to give your kids a financial head start that enabling them to grow-up as financially savvy adults? • Do you want your kids growing up financially independent? • Do you want your kids to develop the right money habitudes that empower themselves

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